About ReCheck

ReCheck BV is a Dutch startup that helps businesses reach their sustainability and profitability goals by providing decentralised solutions. We help organisations with data protection, tracing and verification.

For the last five years, the company has helped various organisations boost the transparency of their processes and data management systems - making them more secure, fraud-proof and compliant with the privacy-by-design and user-centric principles.


ReCheck's DNA

Decentralized technology

We believe that technology should enhance and support human values such as integrity, openness, fairness and security. Decentralized technology can provide equal governance rights and access to ecosystem peers, and encourage a give-back culture.

Open source

ReCheck's approach has an 'open source' policy, where some of our software code can be easily accessed and verified. We believe in creating ecosystem solutions rather than in end point solutions.

Privacy by design

We build products that are designed with privacy as a top concern. Our core tech has been built to support person-to -person encryption and so users can benefit from the maximum level of security when they share sensitive data.


We measure technology by the value it creates for our societies and our environment. It should be only used to improve the quality of life for all living beings and our home, our planet.


Emiliyan Enev Photo


Emiliyan Enev

Emiliyan Enev is a digital entrepreneur and business developer with a solid experience in senior management positions, including leading a Chamber of Commerce. Some of his successful projects for the last ten years include developing a platform for mobile marketing, a co-working space and an outsourcing company. He has also been an active proponent for the adoption of DLT technologies, such as blockchain for digital sovereignty and decentralised governance of data.

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Emil Stoyanov

Dr. Emil Stoyanov has 15 years of experience in software development and project management, and a PhD degree from the University of Stuttgart. Among the companies that use systems developed under his supervision are Deloitte, Henkel, Procter & Gamble, Danone and Volkswagen, as well as banks and government institutions. During the last 5 years, Emil Stoyanov has focused on blockchain development and he has become a leading blockchain engineer in Southeastern Europe.

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Jo Bronckers

Jo has 20 years of experience in Real Estate at FGH Bank and Rabo Real Estate Division, DLL, IVBN, Vesteda. He is investigating blockchain-technology since 2014, with focus to its applicability to real estate processes. Jo is founder of Blockchain2RealEstate, offering consultancy services to organisations that want to explore, develop or get connected to the right business partners to do the first experiments with blockchain in real estate.


Dr. Holger Geissler

Dr. Holger Geissler

ipOcean / CEO

Simon Duindam

Simon Duindam

Block Materials / CFO

Grégoire Piette

Grégoire Piette

CoTown / Co-Founder

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