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Make invisible Air Quality visible

Collect and communicate air quality information with ReCheck Air. The solution provides easy CO2 monitoring with high accuracy and reliability. See dashboards with real-time metrics accessible on any screen and device. Certified sensors secure data you own in an immutable environment and help you improve the performance of your building. If you already have the right sensors installed then the ReCheck Air dashboard is sufficient for you, otherwise we can also provide a plug & play sensor-kit.

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Simple and Trustworthy Monitoring of Air Quality

Why Air Quality Visualisation?

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People want to know if it is safe to visit a building. As a responsible landlord or employer, you believe people deserve to spend their time in a healthy environment. Trustworthy data that can prove the air quality of your building will help you stand out, boost occupancy levels, and create more value from properties. ReCheck understands the information-needs of different actors and facilitates them with tailored dashboards or reports available for any screen or device.

What is the tangible value we bring?

ReCheck Air is not just another platform for collecting and displaying data. We create tailor-made and ready-to-use dashboards, based on your needs. Once we have connected the sensors, we can add more data like energy consumption, light levels, or more and show the right info in one comprehensive dashboard. With ReCheck, you have the freedom to control all your data, create a track record and turn it into a value driver. In this way, we make invisible building performance visible. Let’s start today with your air-quality data!
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Simple Usage

- Software: Easy accessible on any mobile device or connected screen.

- Hardware: Just plug & play. See it in action.

Trustworthy metrics

Data is digitally certified, timestamped, and cannot be manipulated.

Steadily-growing data value

As the length of the usage period grows, the value of the collected dataset grows exponentially.

Data as an asset

Actual ownership and control of data collected through sensors.

Easy Sharing

Share dashboard to anyone with a single click. Data security is guaranteed.


ReCheck Air comes with customizable dashboards supporting various use cases.

How it works

Our solution is very flexible. If your building or room is already equipped with the right sensors, we can connect with them and use their data. Otherwise, we can provide the hardware needed to get the right and trustworthy data input. Individual support for setting up and customization of dashboards is part of our standard package.

See live dashboards

Air quality has a strong impact on safety and occupancy

Poor air quality causes risks:

  • COVID-19 and other infections spreading
  • Low productivity and focus
  • Unstable occupancy and operations predictions
  • Failure to comply with regulations (laws) and reporting (ESG / Wellbeing)
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Try RеCheck Air now to:

  • Make invisible indoor air quality visible.
  • Map out whether extra ventilation is needed.
  • Inform property managers, visitors, or third parties with clear information.
  • Meet the quality requirements for your type of building and stand out.
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Prove the healthy conditions, get actionable insights

Ready to try ReCheck Air?

If you would like to know more about the plug and play ReCheck Air solution, or if you would like to receive our customized offer for your building, please reach out to us.

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