ReCheck Green Box

A single digital space to store, share and extract value from real estate data.

What if you could have a comprehensive and trustworthy overview of the performance of the properties you own, rent, or invest in? What if you could have these data available in the right quality at any moment you'd like? What if you could communicate transparently the improved well-being and sustainability aspects of smart buildings?

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What is in it for you?


Reduce Costs

Optimize operational costs for data collecting and processing with efficient aggregation. No longer have to buy back own (historical) property data from external data sources.


Boost return on investment

Increase occupancy levels, optimize maintenance costs, and achieve more resilient cash flows and risk-return profiles.


Easy reporting and compliance

Generate high-quality building performance reports from the metrics in the Green Box. Think of ESG-, Wellbeing or other performance reporting.


no information-asymmetry

Create 1 single source of truth for all your relevant (historic) property data. Improve collaboration and communication between all stakeholders.

Why ReCheck

Managing real estate data is a hassle and yet this information determines the appraisal of properties. Poor data quality, fragmentation, lagging digitalization, and the complexity of multi-stakeholder processes create uncertainties that increasingly will be reflected in a reserved value of the property.
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Data is structured in a scalable way; at a granular, building, or portfolio level.


Records are certified and timestamped in an immutable environment and shared securely.


Easy data sharing for any purpose, with access control where required.


Data are traced to the source, verifiable and authentic.


Drill down from a portfolio level to the circularity of construction materials.

How it works

  • One dashboard for efficient monitoring
  • Easy information sharing for any purpose
  • Comparable and transparent metrics
  • Certified data tracked to the source
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