Facilitator to Blockchain

Exchange sensitive data. Protect privacy. Manage traceability.

Blockchain Illustration - Designed by vectorpouch / Freepik

What is it for?

Read, write and share data on Blockchain

Exchange Icon

Secure data exchange

Fingerprint Icon

Protection of data integrity

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Tracking and audit trail

Why do I need it?

Leverage ultimate fraud protection


Share data internally and externally without the fear of losing competitive edge.

Save money and speed your workflows


Poor data quality and lost data can cost your business 15 to 25 percent of your operating budget.

Immutable evidence on the blockchain


Run a future-proof organization by securing your data on a decentralised ledger.

Strengthten trust & privacy in your systems


Build products and services that can guarantee users’ privacy and keep data integrity intact.

How it works?

  • Fast & easy integration with provided APIs and SDKs
  • Adaptable to any third party software
  • No changes to your current processes and software
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